Fundamentals of development Principles

The 3 Chapters

Learn about flavor combination and balance

What makes a dish taste good? What flavor to pair together? I dish all my secrets here and help you define your own style.
Here you will get to know my favorite flavors such as umami (mouthful taste you find in meat or mushrooms) or discover the powerful impact of a squeeze of lemon in a savory dish.

Learn fundamental cooking techniques that will help you night after night

Learn about food ratios and techniques which will help you develop your recipes. Food is a science, but it can be demystified. Is pasta water the only way to thicken a sauce? Why not experiment with cornstarch? I am sharing here basic cooking techniques such as heat management and how it can transform simple dishes such as egg omelets into cooking masterpieces.

Learn several recipe templates

A template is a recipe blueprint which allows you to customize a dish based on your flavors or preferences. These templates, will allow you to create your own sauce, dish, pasta, soup or salads in no time. You will never look at your pantry the same way!


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